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Boeing 777: A flight that never reaches its destination

A Dream turns into Nightmare

For some, traveling in a plane is a dream but no one knows when this dream turns into a nightmare. Same thing happen with Malaysian flight recently and with the other flights as well in the past.

The night sky was clear and the routine flight was on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The plane was carrying mix travelers in which some are Chinese tourists returning home after visiting relatives or shopping, some are Malaysian families coming back from vacation, and some are European businessmen. For some, traveling in a plane is a routine and for some it’s always an excitement. But when this wonderful experience turns into nightmare nobody knows. Same thing happen with the Malaysian flight that disappears just after 40 minutes of takeoff from Kuala Lumpur and never found again.

For some, traveling in a plane is always an enjoyable encounter. They enjoy every moment of sitting in a plane when everything is going smoothly. Getting into the clouds and sometimes coming out of it, having glimpse of the beautiful view of the earth from the plane seems to be so good for them. But no one knows when their best experience of life turns into the worst one. Everyone wants to have an experience of traveling in a plane but no one wants to talk about if something go wrong then chances of survival is 0 percent. Though the technology has been significantly improved but no one can still give 100 percent assurance.

Recently missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 inspires me to write an article on those persons who missed with the missing flight. Writing an article on them and talking about their situation is very easy and facing that situation is heart breaking. Only those persons who were on flight could tell how much pain they were experiencing every second before the crash. And some have left their loved ones in the pain forever whose living would be very much affected due to this.

For some, traveling in a plane is a dream but no one knows when this dream turns into a nightmare.