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Incomplete Love Stories of My Life

I think I am in love the day I born but unfortunately never got it. Today when I close my eyes and focus back to my childhood then I can see the girls who come in my life from time to time. It all started when I was in 1st Standard, there was a cute girl Anjali studying in my class. I don’t remember much about her as I was too small at that time but there is one moment that I can never forget when she is looking very beautiful walking with his father alongside the road. I don’t know why this only moment I remember that seems to be not so special but there was always something that makes her special for me.

From 1st to 4th standard, she was all around me and I never thought of any other girl except her. As my dad was in a Govt. Job, he got transferred to another city so I need to leave school after 4th standard. While travelling to the other city, I was happy as well as sad. I was happy because I am excited to see new city, new school but sad as I know that I may never see her again in my life. Today sometimes when I cross from her city, I always started thinking about her and stop to find her sometimes even when I know that I lost her completely.

After joining new school in 5th standard in new city, another girl Neelu comes in my life, and I got mad for her straight way. I started thinking about her whole days and nights. I wanted to be her nice friend but I never built the courage of asking her for that. I could talk to any other girl but feel always nervous when she comes close to me. For the 8 long years I have got many chances of talking to her but I have wasted all of them. I could never forget the day when the boys were making fun of her by passing her notebook to each other and when the notebook comes to me, I handled back over to her, she said thanks with smile and gone away. It happened many times when I was looking towards her sitting in class and sometimes she might have noticed that too but when she look backs towards me, I stopped at once. I really liked her very much, everything she did but I didn’t know how to make her my friend, how to ask her for friendship. One year after another was passing away thinking about her but nothing happened.

From 5th to 12th Standard, she was all around me and I never thought of any other girl except her. I felt really sad when I looked her for the one last time. She was looking beautiful in the farewell party, I wanted to tell her that I always liked her but I didn’t build the courage once again in the last day too. My friends were disclosing their secrets, they were telling the names of the girls they liked the most and when my turn came, I said there was no one but from inside I was speaking her name that no one could hear. I never built the courage asking her for friendship even I love her very much. And my school life had completed on the sad note, I felt really sad for a month and two, I missed her a lot. I wanted to go back in school days and tell her that I love her very much but it was too late then and I lost her completely.

To be continued….