Journey from a Developer to a Content Writer

Around 8 years ago, I started my career as a web developer but I end up today writing an article as a content writer.

Now the big question is what makes me to do so and the simple answer is Google. Yes, I am talking about that Google who is No.1 in cyber world today. Google has become the only source of income for many of the individuals like me. Developing a good website does not mean that you will do well with your business. For that you need to pay much attention to Google, most importantly Google Algorithms on which Google Search is based. You need to invest more time in writing some unique content about your business or website that I am trying now.

Making or never helps me much as I couldn’t able to write unique content about these websites that turns me today as a content writer from a developer ๐Ÿ™

Google for Rich only?

After getting fail every time, I come to the conclusion that Google appreciates those who are Rich. Rich to hire seo experts, smo experts, content writers and most importantly rich to submit his website in yahoo and other high profile paid directories.

For the person like me who can’t hire anyone, who can only afford to run his own business without paying to others, I mean for the individuals or for the freelancers, website promotion for achieving the good rank in Google is the daunting task. What we individuals can do after developing good website to promote it? SMO alone can’t do this job and not every individual or developer can write and having so much time to write good unique articles that Google wants. So it all suggest that for the individuals like me Google seems to be the out of reach and the Google only for rich, rich and Rich ๐Ÿ™

Something Unique that Google wants!

I don’t know from where to start but today I am going to write something unique that Google always asks to do.

I started developing websites lot time ago but Google never paid much attention to it. Even the websites are unique and newย  but never got top rankings in Google. I made lot of efforts in studying what Google actually wants, from SEO to SMO and apply lot of strategies but nothing works. Finally I come to a conclusion that you need to have luck as well along with your content, along with your hard work and determination you put in your work as the competition is getting too tough.

Many of the individuals like me who used to develop new and unique websites all the time but never succeeded. Now the big question is then how we can get succeeded then in Google Search?

When you will search in Google itself, you will find that Google consider unique content but writing unique content does not even assure that your website get good rank in Google Search. There are many other things that Google always ask to do to promote your website but nothing much works for me. It all seems that Google picks some random unique content websites and displays them at the top of the Google Search without even caring that website actually provides some good features or not useful for the internet users.

Although unique content is not the only factor that helps those website to reach at the top of the Google Search. Good Budget always helps to achieve this goal by hiring expert content writers who can write quality content for the website and listing in Dmoz and Yahoo directories always works.