Life is not a life without you

Life is not a life without you anymore…

I know I am not suppose to write this but couldn’t hold myself anymore. I don’t know if you believe but I have been missing you a lot. Not even a single day pass without you crossing my mind. There’s always that one girl that you will never forget, the one girl that will have your heart forever, that one girl that could make you smile on the worst of days & make you fall in love with her all over again. The hardest part of remembering her is knowing she isn’t there anymore, that she is gone and that it was your own fault…

She’s everything you could dream of and more. She’s the definition of perfect in your eyes. Nobody sees her like you do. Nobody knows her like you do. She’s the prize possession that you couldn’t even imagine how lucky you are to be with. The girl you are going to miss every day for the rest of your life. The one that is worth every tear you cry and every hard time you go through. I have lost the only girl I have ever loved deeply & it’s damn painful.

Apart from that, I am missing the regular talks that we used to have, the routine sharing, the mindset, your magical voice & most importantly, am missing us. You came into my life & you showed me love, because of you I know how it feels to be wanted, loved, appreciated & cherished.

I also understand why & how you could think I am manipulative, because I have made apologies before but I didn’t hold long to the promises I made or the things I expressed in those apologies & I know that it seemed that when things were back to normal I would revert back to the actions and attitude I had before I apologized. I am prepared and willing to accept that you will not forgive me.

I just wanted you to know the truth about how I feel, completely messed up & lost.

Life is not a life without you anymore…

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