Google The God of Internet

Many of the Indians treat Sachin as the God of Cricket. In the same manner, many of the internet users in the world treats Google as the God of Internet.

Google has become the God of Internet leaving Yahoo and Microsoft way behind applying for the same post. Google has launched so many good features, specially the Google Search that has become the part of life for every internet user. From a school going kid to an office going man, everyone is searching for something on Google Search every day. Many students are searching Google to find the valuable information that can help them in their studies. That valuable information can be some difficult topic or word that they find tough to learn from their books.

For the businessman and professionals, Google Search plays a major role in their lives as well. Businessman always keep finding for the new products and their demand in the market so that they keep ourselves up to date according to the need of the people. Also, they keep track of their competitor’s performance as well. For the professionals, Google search helps them to find new job or companies that can pay them higher salaries. Not only this, Google Search even help more to all the internet users but it also has some negative impacts that I will explain some other time. But it depends upon the user mostly how they use it. Its just like a Lotus flower that always has some thrones so you need to handle it bit carefully.

Many of the internet users do believe Google as the God not only for the Google Search but for the Google AdSense that has become the only source of income for them.