About Us

Gogru.com was created in year 2007 with the aim of providing many free services to the internet users around the world. It has started with some quality services including free sms, dating, movies and news. But lack of budget always seems to be a big struggle for the website to survive.

Gogru.com is later redirected to domain GogruMogru.com in the end of year 2007 and become really famous in 2008 and 2009 with the unique Gogru & Mogru character E-cards that are based on Gogru Mogru characters that do some kind of activity to represent love and friendship. It remains top of the Google Search for few years but later on suffer due to drop in rankings.

In 2011, Gogru.in is launched with more unique features but it never gains so much popularity due to the tough competition and Google changes in its Search Algorithms that consider unique content more then the unique features.

In 2014, Gogru.com is re-launched once again to provide unique content only that Google loves the most.

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