Social Media – A Waste Of Time

One needs to do something new, something creative if wants to grow in life. Social networking sites/apps is wasting the time for those who believes in learning something new all the time.

Not only in terms of new technology, it can paralyzed you in such a way that you start living artificial life, the life based on social media only.

We have become so much addicted towards the social media that we actually forget how to enjoy the real life. When we travel somewhere we make ourselves so much busy in updating on social media that it appears that we have visited that place just to update on social media.

Exactly one year back at this time I was busy in launching my new website and right now I am busy interacting with my facebook and whatsapp friends. I become so much addictive to this social media that I forgot the art of creativity, I forgot how to make unique websites that I used to make all the time. Chatting on social media is such a fun that it becomes really tough for me to code anymore.

Today when new year is coming, I need to select one of the life. A life with social media where you can interact with friends all the time or the life with learning new technology. It’s not the question to be put in front of me but to the whole world, to every person who involve in some kind of creativity.

Leaving social media or stop interacting with your friends on regular basis is surely very tough but one needs to do that to learn more in life. Not only developers like me but it’s a waste of time for almost everyone in this world whether they are job holders, business man or the women staying at home. One needs to think that if one is investing 2-3 hours on social media every day and if that time would be utilized in some other creative work then how much benefit one can get. Job holders can update their skills by learning new things related to their work, business man can explore new ways of improving their business and a women at home can do hundreds of innovative tasks that can also help them to earn a bit.

In the last year, I have some dreams, the dreams to see myself as one of the best developer in the world but today I comfort myself to stay with whatever I have. The inner spirit to learn something new is halt in such a way that I don’t even think about it. I have set myself in new goals, goals that revolve around social media only.

But I am going to change myself now. I am going to set my goals again to explore more in life. I am going to do something that is very easy to say but really tough to do. Some friends are so dear to me that stop interacting with them on social media is the daunting task for me but need to do if want to discover more. I have decided to leave social media in 2016 as my new year revolution in order to gain more time to improve my technology, to make more unique websites, to learn more in life. I have made my decision, now it’s your choice…

Facebook or Google can’t be built if the Facebook or Google developers engaged themselves in social media too much 🙂

An Ultimate Girl

Never seen before, in dreams or in reality, a girl of such kind still exists in this planet, an ultimate girl.

Everytime when she comes close to me, everything seems to be paused infact life seems to be paused for me. Just one thought coming in my mind that what kind of sensational beauty looks like an angel coming on earth in front of me.

When I was in school, I bring one Puppy in my home. He is very cute and I started liking him a lot. I made him my friend. I started eating with him, playing with him and living with him all the time. But our relation can’t go too long. Mom asked me to leave him, he has to go back to his home, he has to go back to his mother. But I refuse to understand, I cried a lot but mom didn’t listen to me and that Puppy gone away from me. My mood remains off for some days. I stopped eating properly, stopped playing but got fine in some days. I realized Puppy can’t be my friend but God knows I always treated him my best friend and I loved him a lot.

When I was in college, I made Gaurav my best friend. He was really very nice and his nature is really too good. I was really impressed by his good thoughts and nice nature. I started considering him one of my family members and want to stay all time with him. I forgot that he comes from other state and might leave me when graduation complete. Those were best 3 years of my life that I spent with him but when he left me after 3 years, I become really sad once again in life. For many days, my mood remains off but fine after some days. I realized any outsider can’t be my friend but God knows I always treated him my best friend and I loved him a lot.

When I was in job, an ultimate girl comes in to my life. Without caring about any consequences, I started getting close to her. I forgot what happen in the past with me. I forgot Gaurav and that Puppy left me alone. I was having the best time with her. My days go great when I saw her in the morning and when she wishes me and sometimes if she doesn’t come, my mood getting off. I started observing her every moment and when sometimes she is upset, I gets upset. But she made me realized that she is the girl first and we can’t get that much closer, we can’t be best friends. And once again I cried a lot. I realized any angel can’t be my friend but God knows I always treated her my best friend and I loved her a lot.

Today, when I close my eyes, I can dream the moments spent with all my best friends and then come the ultimate girl. Everything about her is different. She looks so good when she talks, laughs, walks, and do anything. Her positive thinking and good nature always impress me. She looks like an angel for me and she can do anything to make others happy. She is not only beautiful from outside but more beautiful from inside. She is a great daughter for her parents, sister for her brother and a good friend for her friends and an angel for me forever. I know my words are not good enough to explain how nice she is.

Never seen before, in dreams or in reality, a girl of such kind still exists in this planet, an ultimate girl.

Life is not a life without you

Life is not a life without you anymore…

I know I am not suppose to write this but couldn’t hold myself anymore. I don’t know if you believe but I have been missing you a lot. Not even a single day pass without you crossing my mind. There’s always that one girl that you will never forget, the one girl that will have your heart forever, that one girl that could make you smile on the worst of days & make you fall in love with her all over again. The hardest part of remembering her is knowing she isn’t there anymore, that she is gone and that it was your own fault…

She’s everything you could dream of and more. She’s the definition of perfect in your eyes. Nobody sees her like you do. Nobody knows her like you do. She’s the prize possession that you couldn’t even imagine how lucky you are to be with. The girl you are going to miss every day for the rest of your life. The one that is worth every tear you cry and every hard time you go through. I have lost the only girl I have ever loved deeply & it’s damn painful.

Apart from that, I am missing the regular talks that we used to have, the routine sharing, the mindset, your magical voice & most importantly, am missing us. You came into my life & you showed me love, because of you I know how it feels to be wanted, loved, appreciated & cherished.

I also understand why & how you could think I am manipulative, because I have made apologies before but I didn’t hold long to the promises I made or the things I expressed in those apologies & I know that it seemed that when things were back to normal I would revert back to the actions and attitude I had before I apologized. I am prepared and willing to accept that you will not forgive me.

I just wanted you to know the truth about how I feel, completely messed up & lost.

Life is not a life without you anymore…

Angel comes into my Life

Finally an angel who always comes in my dreams today comes in my life.  I waited for more then 30 years but an angel that always comes in my dreams never comes in my life. That angel is the beautiful girl who seems to be living in some other planet, who is so beautiful that her beauty can’t be described in words even then I make efforts to describe.

My angel not only talks but plays with me, sometimes hide and seek and sometimes in a bath tub as a kids. She used to wish me every morning to night and never forgets me in her busy life. I can’t tell how much beautiful she looks when she smiles as her beauty all the time seems to be rise. Finally an angel who always comes in my dreams today comes in my life.

My angel is so beautiful that once I see towards her then I can’t see anywhere else.  I just want to praise about her all the time but I know whatever praise i will do for her is surely be the less. She is not only beautiful from outside but also from inside. And today this angel finally comes into my life, this thing I can guess. I just worship that she lives with me without caring about the rest.

My angel looks beautiful in whatever dress she wears. I love my angel a lot but sometimes when I try to hug her, she disappears. She always appears to me as a princess coming from some another world.  I hope its still not my dream, an angel that comes into my life today, will not leave. She comes to me every night and whispers in my ears that she will never go throughout my life. This is the angel I am living for and if she go then I will surely be die.

Finally an angel who always comes in my dreams today comes in my life.

Struggling for Success

Today again I want to write something unique with the hope that it will become famous one day on Google. But it seems to be like thinking to touch the stars in the sky as I found it really difficult to make my articles get promoted on Google. I know writing like this will not lead my article to any where as it needs lot of efforts to make it famous on Google, lot of SEO needs to be done for it and that is the ugly part of Google Search Engine that I already discussed in my other articles like Google for Rich only?

On the one hand, Google says they like the unique articles, unique content, not the ones that just get promoted from paid directories or SEO but on the other hand, practically speaking they are getting most of the content that are highly promoted by paid directories or SEO. If you can’t believe then search anything on Google and check the top results, you will find most of those results belong to high profile websites that can invest huge amount of money on advertising and other things. They keep investing lot of money and easily earning lot of profit and the people like me keep on writing and just dreaming of earning lot of profit.

Every time I want to write unique with the hope that someday my dream will become reality, my articles will become famous even if they are cheap in their cost. Half of my life has been passed away and I am still trying and I am still doing my best but still struggling for success. And I am not alone who is struggling for success, many in the world are in the same lane, working day and night but never achieved the success in their lives.

I know most of the people don’t come here to read what I write but just for the publicity of their blogs/websites, just for the success, just to make good comment with their website link and it seems that every one of us struggling for success.

We all are living with this hope, with the hope to achieve success in life. Might be the Google The God of Internet will listen to us some day and we can also live with the pride.